Resource wasting

4 06 2010

Today i have seen a documentation about digging diamonds and how much resources will be used just to find small „stones“. I mean, technicaly mankind needs to have this material for special needs and so its not totaly wasted, but mainly diamonds will be digged for „bling bling“.
It doesn’t seam to me that’s its worth the resources we investigate there. How much additional trees could be seeded for one day of not digging a hole in vulcanic sand?
The same cames up with „traveling into the orbit“. Why the hell do i need to go somewhere, if there is nothing. Don’t get me wrong, i love traveling and i love to see the world but i don’t think mother earth can handle the waste of this resources. Atm Mankind is wasting the resources 6000 times faster than the Earth gets new resources by external energy ( sunlight ).

I think the Maya / People from the Easter Islands showed us than mankind is unable to see that its wasting to much resources and able to handle it property. I am quite sure that space traveling is the only way mankind has a real chance to live the way the do now. Hope we get it in time or we have a serious problem to gather enough resources to „escape“ from this planet, otherwise evolution strikes back.

exciting usb – geek requested stuff

31 07 2009

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wonderful world of 2,5W wasted energy