news from MS

30 05 2009

Green IT was yesterday, Microsoft azure is incoming and tries to build up a global IT infrastructure for Cloud Computing. Seriously i do like Cloud Computing but i dont like the way MS tries to force the economy to use there .net plattform and how they use computers as disposal stuff (we know this „f*ck the enviorment“ position already from apple 😉 ). MS wants to replace the classical setup for Mainframes with Containers of computers which will be replaced if enough percentage of the container is damaged. Basically this is very efficacy and easy to maintain (cause there is no real maintained) but it doesnt care an anything. As far as my informations go, there will be no real employees for administrative work on the „calculation containers“.
Anyway, .net is a really good framework which i really love to see whenever it opens up, but i dont think there will be any professional support from MS to the Mono project. Without the excellent work from the Mono Project there would be no Linux port.

Cloud Computing is the next big step in Computer industry, but i don’t think that a so restricted base like azure will survive. Another fail such Windows Vista would reduce the Monopole base of Microsoft again. It doesnt do enough to get MS into serious problems, but its getting closer.

The other „new“ thing is microsoft surface, the native user interface. The basic idea of a multitouch display is always good, but its a usability nightmare. How wants to sort his pictures again by himself? Didn’t we put the pictures into photobooks to order them? Why the hell should we now want to see them digital in a unsorted order? I know that its a goodie which will amuse the people, but as long as its not usable, it will wont be a real alternative to the normal keyboard (sounds like a „the mouse has no chance to be a good input device“ sentence, but for „programming“ questions the mouse IS still no good solution (except in UML, but thats not the most efficient language 😉 ) ).
I do love the new possibilities from multi pointing devices, but i don’t think that a multi-pointing system have to be from MS. Its always playware and so there needs to be a small program be written for every special task, to make it useful. There is already a multipointing support for X11 and compiz which makes i interesting for such a pointing system.

We will see whats happening in the next years, but i just hope that opensource will be in a leading situation. Closed development will only slow the progress for better software.
Sadly i didnt get any new news about the new version of .net which would be very interesting. Java needs to invest more into the development to get such a good sidefeature like XAML. The Eclipse Organisation is building up a lot but its still hard to step against a framework with such a bug resource like MS has to offer. We hope Sun will find enough resource to take this challenge.