Dota 2 on linux without sound

12 01 2016

If you miss sound within dota 2 you may need to define a default sound device. Check the console log (start steam / dota from a console and check the log about missing default devices or insuffient users rights.

if you miss the default device you could define one for default sound device per user. Therefor create a .asoundrc file in your homedirectory and use the following code:

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 0
ctl.!default {
type hw
card 0

As you can see, i define the first soundcard (0) as the default soundcard. If you have more sounddevices review

cat /proc/asound/cards

and selected the correct soundcard.

If you have a permission problem, make sure the user is part of the audio group using the



If not, add him.

Each change will require a „relogin“ to make the changes be activated.

enable the numpad / keypad again in Ubuntu

8 11 2011

If your Numpad does not work anymore in the current Ubuntu installation maybe you should check the barrier-free settings.

In the Ubuntu Unity Desktop you can go there by clicking the right top corner -> Systemsettings (if you don’t use the unity desktop you need to go to the Systemsettings by yourself).

Now click the barrier-free settings icon and switch to the „pointer and clicking“ tab.

They Keyboard Mouse is the main reason for the Keypad issues. If you switch if off, everthings fine again.

deprecated AVM Fritz ISDN Cards with 2.6.30

1 02 2010

If you try to run the quite old AVM Fritz Card you run into big problems. AVM which did a awesome support for ages, stopped the work on the AVM Fritz Card Drives for Linux. They made the sources openSource, so everybody is free to modify them and make them work on newer version of the Kernel.
And some did!

The Belug project modifies the sources to work with 2.6.26, 2.6.28 and 2.6.30 worked for me too.

I send a bug report to them to modify the sources even more for 2.6.32. As far as i could see, there are only small fixes needed to make it run on that version.

So if you plan to use your deprecated ISDN Cards with a new Linux Kernels (maybe for usage with Asterisk as Dialin / Dialout), grab yourself a version of the modified sources and check out the project page.

Eclipse Galileo installation on debian and ubuntu

28 06 2009

This Instruction is now deprecated till there is now a Debian Package for 3.5 in the unstable tree:

i suggest to use this package instead of the tutorial.

First of you need to install the java from sun (maybe it will run with gcj but to make it work flawless its always better to install the sun java version).

sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jdk

till there is no deb package we can install it in the home-dir like every other application.
If you never done that before you need to set up the requested directories by exectuing:
mkdir -p ~/bin/packages

and now you can download your installation files.
choose the most fitting preconfigured installation from the eclipse download center.
Place the file in the packages directory and go there by console.
tar xvzf *.tar.gz

should now extract your new eclipse version.
Caused by the simple name we should move eclipse in a more common directory name like eclipse / eclipse-3.5 or eclipse-galileo.

you can do that by
mv eclipse eclipse-galileo

this is a total optinal step and doesn’t effect the usability.

To have better access to your eclipse its good to link the executable.
this is done by:
ln -s ~/bin/packages/eclipse/eclipse ~/bin/eclipse

as alternative you can write a small shell script to add parameters.
`~/bin/packages/eclipse3.5/eclipse -vmargs -Xms128M -Xmx512M -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M &> /dev/null` &

if you use the bash script you need to tell the system that its executable:
chmod +x ~/bin/eclipse

and your done.

after this you can use eclipse like a normal consol programm. Typing eclipse in the consol or the execute-tab (ALT+F2) will open your new eclipse. If you have Gnome-Do installed you can SUPER+SPACE to execute eclipse to. If you dont have GnomeDo installed -> get it (sudo aptitude install gnome-do). This is totally optional, but it think you will like it.

The ubuntu team is working on a package for galileo but this is not finished yet. so later it will available true the official source or:
deb jaunty main
deb-src jaunty main