Cost effeciant instant business

29 11 2008

Whenever you thought about „it would be cool to get self employed“ opensource can be your easy access. But if you start, you want to be ready for the future, so start direct with the correct setup which is build to be scaleable.

So first:

You need a way to sell your Products. We suggest Magento for this task. Its very clean coded and so easy to extend by subs, or internal. There are more common Plattforms with more plugins yet, but the have a terrible design which make it impossible to maintain the product for a long distance. Till now Magento is in version 1.1.18 there and leaks some features (esspecialy for some markets like german tax rules) but the growth is amazing and so the missing features will shrink fast. Magento is based on the Zend PHP framework which is one reason for its flexiblity. Most functions are accessible by XML-RPC api, so there are all possibilities to do more automatism.

Now we are ready to sell product, but how do we manage the Products and the flow of „ordering / reorder“ products? I predict that OpenERP 5 will be the perfect product for this. Its a free ERP which is either easy extensible (isn’t it the most important, that you can extends the product to your special needs?). Its the only ERP yep, which supports a direct Magento import (which will be extends hopefully soon) and is ready for a eMail Gateway. Its a flexible solution which shows the user every task for a company. OpenERP uses python in Background and is able to access XML-RPC / NetRPC. OpenERP can be accessed by web or by GTK client.

eMail, Calendar can be done with OpenERP and will be stored in just one application (no inconsistencies). You can Export the Calendar for Sharing and all data will be loged in a free and open Database (Postgres) which is ready to fight against its big brother „oracle“. If you don’t want to miss the features of „bigger“ eMail Clients, Evolution is the right Choice. Its a well supported product withs lots of synchronization options (IMAP Gateway should always be used if you want to work on more stations).

If you need to do normal office work -> OpenOffice will fulfill this. There are many articles about OpenOffice versus its MS Office 2007. Most of them say it is a tie but than the licensing comes in which makes OpenOffice the winner for Startups.

Debian should be the solid bases for you Server. All Software can be easy updated by aptitude or software internal update possibilities. Nomaschiens NXServer can be used to enable secure remote access to the server, but than you need to buy a license, but the 2 person licence is for free.

So overall -> You can set up your own business without spending a lowsy cent. Its ready to grow if you need to grow and fulfills all the tasks. Its easy to Maintain, secure and scalable.

If you need productive programms, eclipse is the perfect choice for programming tasks and gimp is quite a good solution for graphic design (but i’ve to admid -> its not as good as the big brother photoshop yet, its leaks the feature of layer effects / properties, which i really hope they enable soon)