deprecated AVM Fritz ISDN Cards with 2.6.30

1 02 2010

If you try to run the quite old AVM Fritz Card you run into big problems. AVM which did a awesome support for ages, stopped the work on the AVM Fritz Card Drives for Linux. They made the sources openSource, so everybody is free to modify them and make them work on newer version of the Kernel.
And some did!

The Belug project modifies the sources to work with 2.6.26, 2.6.28 and 2.6.30 worked for me too.

I send a bug report to them to modify the sources even more for 2.6.32. As far as i could see, there are only small fixes needed to make it run on that version.

So if you plan to use your deprecated ISDN Cards with a new Linux Kernels (maybe for usage with Asterisk as Dialin / Dialout), grab yourself a version of the modified sources and check out the project page.