SOS-Kinderdorf decline donation from gamers

31 07 2009

i’ve just read on shortnews that SOS-Kinderdorf decline a donation from a gaming network called Gamersunity.
The reason from Thomas Laker that this site is supporting users by doing virtual violence against imaginary human beings. To sad that a organization of that size still tries to get popularity by holding other helper down. Only because gaming has been marked in the past as the ultimate evil SOS-Kinderdorf does the populism trick to get attention again. The really evil industry will be untouched cause they spend much more money. Can that be called as Corruption? It would be interesting if the denies a donation from Micheal Jackson (he was definitely the ultimate evil if we talk about child safty) but i don’t think so.
Anyway -> Don’t spend money for SOS-Kinderdorf anymore, and tell everybody they don’t want money from virtual violent people. Only if you force Childs to work or you do real violence to childs your a welcome donor for SOS-Kinderdorfer (or a potential „child shopper“ like maddona. need money anymore. If you want to make things better in the world -> investigate in businesses in that country and help the people to help them self.
Go there in Holidays, get Fairtraid products and just buy more products of that reagion. Spend money for Green Peace or any other organization which is not that marketing hypocritical.
I just can say -> get your money from Nike and all other companys which produce cheap products in chine which force childs to work for famine wages. As long as you don’t want to see who produce the problems you want to fight against you don’t deserve any support.

fight the reason not the consequence.

Same issues with german censorship of internet domains (just look at china how well censorship works is for political knowledge and child protection).

exciting usb – geek requested stuff

31 07 2009

Everybody knows the good system which save the summer

if you need more help

or just want to show your emotions, tamagoshi 2.0


And if you want to fart beside your PC -> USB Aroma Stick

wonderful world of 2,5W wasted energy

Eclipse Galileo (3.5) und SVN

1 07 2009

If you want to activate your SVN (Subversion) to share projects from eclipse directly you can follow this simple steps.

Search for SVN in the normal galileo repository and add (Help -> Install new Software -> select the galileo update page from the dropdown):
Subversive SVN Team Provider

then you need another update page:

and search for this too packages
Subversive SVN Connectors
JavaHL 1.6.0 (on windows JavaHL 1.6 worked well for me and on Linux SVNkit worked flawless, but thats no sugesstion, cause i just tried differend connectors)

after the normal restart of eclipse you should now be able to use SVN again.

(But maybe you should think about switching to GIT, which is really awesome and easy to use -> espacialy for linux users how are familar with the consol)