frustrating statistics

15 04 2009

isn’t it frustrating that most statistics try to be a solution for a questions but can be totally wrong? There can be relation which are unseen yet or missinterpretated relations.
A funny example for the wrong context of a statitic is the following example:


OpenERP: „code 400, message Bad request syntax (‚ 390(lp1‘)“

14 04 2009

if you wonder yourself why you can’t get openerp 5 up and running, and you server just gave you the message:

code 400, message Bad request syntax (' 390(lp1')


code 400, message Bad request syntax (' 340(lp1')

you should try to delete your .openerprc in your home directory ( rm ~/.openerprc )

It seems so run into problems whenever you want to update from openerp 4 to 5. Delete it and everthing will be okay